HOw to forget your ex boyfriend! Sunday, May 31 2009 


How to forget your ex boyfriend !! Sunday, May 31 2009 

To all heartbrokens out there please have time to spend some few minutes in reading this blog. It may help you to face a new life after death!! I’m not talking to a literal meaning of death, what I meant was a death from a failed relationship. We must admit that 90percent of the relationships are going to end. This is inevitable part in our love life but come to think of it, that endings are the beginnings. We should celebrate the singleness again. Single life is the best life we could ever have in different stages in life.
Single life is the stage where you can grow and develop your self. Before jumping in to a new relationship make it sure that you already have no room for baggage from your past. Acknowledge and accept the truth that we can never change the way things are but we can prevent it from making the right decisions in life. Never let yourself drawn and down that no life is out there if you ended the relationship. Sometimes we need to end the relationship so that we can be closer to to Mr. Right man. We learn from the relationship that we experienced from the past. We need to move fast forward to our life. Life is so short to invest your time to wasted energies. Have a life!! Just imagine that everyday is your last day and savor the moment that you have it. Have a passion in life instead of thinking and over analyzing relationships and men!
Improve your self in to a better new you. I have seen a lot of women who invest their time in make ups, clothes and sexy bodies but never ever realize how attitude and personality matters most! and attracts most MR. Right man.

Green Tea (Camella Sinensis) Sunday, Sep 14 2008 



Green Tea is a fresh leaves from the Camellia sinensis plant are steamed to produce green tea. Green tea ingredients cosist of catechin, flavonoids and polyphenol which is a great antioxidants which is good for your health, promotes strong immune system and great way to loose weight.

Green Tea what is it used for?

  • Promote strong immune system
  • Good digestion and increase metabolism that lowers blood cholesterol.
  • Prevents variety of cancers such as breast cancer, colon,skin, lung and etc.
  • Prevents stroke, having stroke builds up fatty acids in the wall of artery that leads to heart diseases.
  • Healthy mouthwash (Good for your gums )
  • Fights aging
  • Protects brain and helps you sharpen your mind. Boost mental alertness and achieves great memory.
  • Ability to lower blood sugar.

Green Tea offers more benefits this is the best way to start making green tea as a part of your healthy diet.

I suggest that drinking green tea is better than drinking water but if you do both, it’s the best!!

Drinking water it releases fluid and needs to drink another cup of water to replace the fluids that was released while drinking green tea, it releases fluid in your body that leaved anti oxidants.

I have tried it myself drinking green tea for a month now and the feeling was great. I have loose weight and feeling cleansed and refreshed all the time. Green tea helps me a lot increased my metabolism which helps me reduced my cholesterol. Drinking green tea soothes my mind and i have got inner peace that i am always looking for. Even if it doesn’t taste good but it takes a thousand times to get the natural and wonderful benefits of green tea that any other supplements can’t offer. Stop wasting money to those costly supplements that ruined your budget, try green tea to cleanse and detoxify the carcinogens and free radicals in your body. Green Tea is very affordable and easy to use. I highly recommended to drink green tea 3 times a day but don’t drink too much green tea. Always remember ” too much is bad”.

Green tea has also side effects it contains caffeine. Don’t drink this if you’re sleepy it will lead you to be insomia since it contains caffeine but not a strong caffeine as coffee or alcohol. Drink this in the morning and afternoon where your energy boost at. Living a healthy life isn’t it a peaceful and happy lifestyle. It changes your mood to being happy and stress free everyday. Try it while it’s not too late!


Goals in life Monday, May 19 2008 

Things are going well, it’s a sunny day, I don’t know how to start. I don’t have any topic to published it’s just that I want to write things that expressing my thoughts and ideas. As we all know, Life is what you make it, at this point of time, I am already at the age where things that you discover and explore, It’s time to get wild and adventure.  Life is short so make the most of it but until now, there are lots of things that I really want to do and achieve. First , I want to continue my masters degree or proceed to LAW school but I think taking up Law units will be very challenging and my i.q is not enough for that subject lol, maybe master’s degree will be very ideal for me.

Second, to process my papers in working abroad.  I really want to work either in Canada or Dubai. I think I have to save money first to continue in processing my papers. I wanted to work outside the Philippines to see how Life really is when your away from your parents and your home. I found it challenging and to see the reality of how Life and what Life is when you are alone and all by yourself wheww that’s one of a great achievement that I would consider in my whole Life.  Lastly, I want to have my own home, car and career. I wanted to buy a house for my mom. I know that’s my mothers dream of, to have a beautiful house even if it’s not big but it’s elegant. I would really invest a lot of effort and perseverance to get that for my mom. She is such an inspiration. I will be never in this place without her and God. I hope someday  all of my ambitions and goals in life will be achieved but I am aware that to be able to achieve this goals in life is I would put all my best, hardwork, perseverance, and effort to get this achievements in life.

alvin and the chipmunks review Monday, Jan 7 2008 

 alvin and the chipmunks Alvin and the chipmunks

I just finished watching this movie last few hours ago. The movie was great good to watch when you are with your family and with a kids. The chipmunks were so cute and they can sing and talk. The moment they sang the “funky town” i love it.!! it really want to make  me dance.. The story goes to Dave( Jason Lee) who was a song writer whose only hope was to survive with his career but his composed songs was rejected by a producer/manager Ian ( David Cross).  Until these energetic kid chipmunks came to his life, to help him with his career as a songwriter. These wonderful chipmunks help him to shine in his career. This story was based on a Based on the 1980s cartoon series about a music group of chipmunks comprised of mischievous group leader Alvin; tall and quiet Simon; and chubby, impressionable Theodore. I recommend to all those people who would love to see a worth watching movie that was fun, comedy movie..full with fantastic songs especially the funky town song you will definitely love this movie!!

Got some infos of this link

its a good day Thursday, Jan 3 2008 

good dayGood Day!!!08

Well, i’m trying to figure out, what stories would i like to share, Right now, I am waiting for my shift tonight, coz ill expect a book from my teammate who promise to bring some sidney sheldon’s book and nicholas sparks novel. I can’t wait to see her and yet thanked her letting me borrow her personal stuffs, I mean thanked god, I have a friend like her because if she did’nt tell me that she has books and novels, well definitely I’ll go to Ayala and buy those novels. Good thing , she has all those collections of book, Wow I can absolutely save money, heheheh.

Also, I really wanted to write some short stories here in my site. In this way, I can be creative as much as I want. Nobody would tell me what ,how , when to do this coz it’s my own way of expressing my thoughts and sharing my ideas. Great thing, we have this blog to share our wildest and wackiest experience. I am so eager to write anything and anything under the son. I really wish someday I could be a journalist or a columnist magazine hehhe so ambitious., but really, I just found out now, that i am 22 that, I have this effort to write about little stuffs so why won’t I do it,since it really makes me happy. I can make myself busy and forget my problems.

For this year, I want to make this year as memorable as I can, I want to put all my best and improve all those weaknesses of mine. ALso, I find writing really helps my mind working . Since its been two years that I already graduated from college and did’nt went to school anymore. I wanted to pursue my master’s but my mom won’t support me coz it’s really expensive to get back to school again and besides my mom told me that i already have bachelors degree and yet working, So I can finance my studies in my own..IN that way I can’t react to my mom, since she was absolutely correct hehehe..

Too much for this one, SIgning OFF , I will have to go to church and of course take the worship service now.

My Little Bride Movie Review Wednesday, Jan 2 2008 

my little bride - movie My Little Bride Movie

This movie tickles me a lot, It was so funny, romantic ,a comedy movie and it makes me feel young at heart.It seems like i want to get back within my highschool days when I was 16yrs old. The Litttle Bride movie, was a story of a 16yr. old highschoolgirl and a 23 yr old.College guy who really hate each other. They were a childhood friends and they even grown up teasing each other and there were no ending fights between them. The story went, when the grandfather of the little girl, who was sick and would like to arrange a fixed marriage to Sangmin ( college guy) to her only grand daughter (Bo Eun). The grandfathers of these two main characters was best of friends before and they made a pact that when the next generation comes they would agree to have fixed marriage with their next generation offsprings. It happened that Sangmin(Kim Rae-Won) and Bo eun(Moon Geun Youngl) was their generation and they have to agree whether or not they have to get married even if Bouen was just a highschool yet they have to meet the pact of their grandfathers.

They can’t do anything but to get married. Bouen was so disappointed that at her age, supposedly she have to focused on her studies, sharing make-ups with her friends, shopping with her new clothes and even has a crush on Jungwoo (the heartthrob highschoolbaseball player)but the singleness was over she have to fulfill her responsibilty as a wife. Same goes to Sangmin(guy) He was an aspiring playboy who wants to have a lots of girlfriend but it seems the eligibility of being a bachelor was over. Both of them can’t do anything there happiness was over. But I don’t think so…, when they got their own apartment, where there were no parents and friends with them. They have a chance to get to know with each other but both of them were afraid to admit that they slowly falling in love with each other. I recommend that you watch this korean movie. I love this movie.. 2 thumbs up!

Lovelife Tuesday, Jan 1 2008 

My Super Ex-Boyfriend

We lasted for three years but now we have different lives. I thought he was the man who will be my man and be mine. I was wrong, i have to end our relationship since I am no longer happy with the kind of relationship we have. He was my first love and the person who let me feel what love really is. It’s nice to fall in love with the person you really love and its really nice to love and be loved. But now that I am alone and free, I think i finally found which would really make me happy which is to be single. As of now, I am still enjoying my singleness, I mean i could never be happy as what i am right now. I mean enough is enough, I think I deserve to be happy from giving up a miserable relationship with him.

I think I don’t deserve him, I was so faithful to him and been loyal to our relationship but things did’nt work out. I caught him that he was in a relationship with another woman but since I love him, I still forgive him and yet love him. But things getting worse, our relationship failed again, and now, its getting more complicated. I mean, I cant take it anymore.I am no longer happy and there were no nights that I never cried. Everyday , it tends to be hurt and I was so deeply in hurt. There were days that I dont like to eat, I just want to be lonely and let myself be ugly. One day, I prayed to God, and call him . I talk to God, and ask him that this feelings of mine will be gone. it’s not easy to move on but I have to do this. I know I will survive even without a man to have. Right now, thank god . I am in the stage to a Self-acceptance where I know how to love myself and to accept that we are not really meant for each other. I still believe that there is a man who is really right for me.Now,.I am still waiting for Mr.RIght, still happy even single.. I am not pressured to have a boyfriend since I am really happy with my careerlife ,and Good thing, I have my family to call on, and friends to rely on whenever i’m lonely and depressed.

TO girls out there who has same experience that I have ; here’s a 10tips to work on,, to attract Mr.Right man, the 10 secrets on how to be attractive

  • feel your BEAUTIFUL
  • Don’t hide your sexualit
  • be HAPPY
  • be friendly
  • be humble
  • be affirming
  • be modest
  • be as pretty as u can be

Golden Compass 2007 Tuesday, Jan 1 2008 

When I watched this movie with my friends, I was so excited to see what this movie all about and what was there in a “golden compass. At first, I did’nt understand what was going on with the movie, what was Nicole Kidman’s role together with Daniel Craig, but later as the story goes, I tried to dig the whole story but i was so amaze how courage that little girl was, she was the main character of the story who was the only one who can read the golden compass, it was so funny that little girl with her pet who can actually talk , pretend that she can read the golden compass just to escape from Nicole’s place, but then later, the old guy who taught that she can read the compass told her to do this, then the little girl (dakota)at that moment knew how to read exactly the Golden cOmpass was, she can read the future and the past of that person or things.

When the little girl already knew how to use the compass, she went to a journey where she could save her friends that was in the hands of Nicole Kidman but before she did her game plan , she tried to talk to a polar bear, I was thinking that bear will gonna eat her coz the bear was so mad to people , but again ,the little girl used the compass where she can read what was the past of that polar bear and then she knew that Bear was actually the king before of all the polar bears but then the bear’s throne was replaced by another polar bear which was the bad one. After the little grl, knew the past of that good polar bear, she tried to talk again and this time, this little girl was so smart and tell to a polar bear that she knew that he was a king before at that moment, they become friends and promised to this little girl that she would be with her no matter what happened, he would risk his life for this girl, Even if this was a small thing that what this girl told bout his past, but for the bear it was a big thing .

To cut the story short, the plot of the story was this girl and with her polar bear redeemed the children who was in the hands of NicoleKIdman who happened to be her mother, and Daniel Craig was not his uncle, Actually it was her real father. There were lots of actions in this story, sci-fiction, fantasy . Above all , this was a great movie , good sound effects, great actors and actressesses., great Story..GReat Movie. I recommend you to watch this movie, if you are fond of animals who can talk, well then , this movie, would be a perfect for you then

I am Legend Review Monday, Dec 31 2007 

Wow, another blockbuster movie hit ! I just watch this movie from a movie website, and I was so lucky enough to see this movie before it will launched here in our country. I promise that i’m gonna watch this movie once it will shown in the cinema. I love the movie, i thought that he was the last man on earth but it’s not, there is a woman who save his life from those infected alien/zombies as they called. There was no such action in this movie, but there was a lot of suspense , i love the sound effects and it was great. I find it so funny when Will Smith wanted to die because his only partner who live with him none other than his dog named Sam, died . I thought he was dumbest person because he wanted to kill his life since his dog was dead, so he thought there was no purpose to live within. So funny, but then I realized that it is’nt that easy that your dog died in front of you, they were also living creatures same as we are.I completely understand how Will Smith felt in that point. After that,Will Smith did’nt stop inventing a medicine that can cure from unstoppable virus.He was a scientist who was driven to continue searching what medicine can stop from all those infected people who got the virus. One day, they were attacked by a group of zombies , Will Smith was so strong enough to face those zombies , but he did’nt make it, he tried to talk to those zombies but never listen to him, and instead those zombies were starving to death to eat him alive. Until , Smith found out the medicine that can cure to them but still the zombies really wanted to eat him, and he died at the end of the movie, and sacrifice his life for the people before he died he gave the curable medicine to the woman who save his life. He was legend!! But I think i am more interested to read this novel , this was one masterpiece novel created by Richard MAtheson, I would love to buy this book, but I don’t know where to buy it, hope you can help me,,

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